Audi Picture in TOP5 Vray Workshop

Vray Workshop Top 5

Audi visual of Quark is now among the TOP5 Vray Workshop 14 to 20 Setember 2014 Actually we are also kinda surprised by the amount of attention and appreciation this image of ours is receiving but we can’t complain about it:) Here it is : Thanks Vray Workshop ! It’s great honor to be amongst this great […]

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Audi Image Awarded by Evermotion

Evermotion Award Render

A prestigious award from a prestigious company comes to Quark . It’s really cool to receive this reward and have that badge of Evermotion Here it is on FB : And here in the forum page : Thanks !

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Audi Showroom Visual In Evermotion Editor’s Choice

Quark Rendering Evermotion

Visualisation done by Quark Studio for a Turkish client for the design of the Audi showroom and the commercial tower above in Maltepe, Istanbul has been featured in Evermotion Editor’s Choice Gallery. Thanks to Evermotion ! For full post please visit :

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